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10 Tips For Taking Care of Your Polyurethane Floor

1.  KEEP IT CLEAN: Dust, mop or vacuum as often as possible
2.  NEVER DRAGNever drag anything across the floor, it'll scratch
3.  USE FELTPut felt on the legs of any furniture that may slide ( i.e., dining room chairs, recliners and so on)
4.  AVOID DAMP MOPUse a damp mop only when necessary. Use PolyCare or Bona X. You can usually purchase them from your local hardware store. Beware of cleaners and soaps that contain oil or wax that will prevent adhesion of additional polyurethane coats. Try not to mop more than once a month
5.  PERIODIC RE-COATING: Periodic re-coating is always the best way to maintain a "new" look. We suggest every five to ten years, depending on traffic and wear. Make sure you get to it before the finish is completely worn off in high-traffic areas
6.  CHANGE THROW RUGS OFTENTo keep unwanted pebbles from marring the finish, regularly change and clean the throw rugs in front of the doors
7.  AVOID HIGH HEELS: Try not to allow high heels on wood floors. They will dent not only the finish, but also the wood
8.  USE PAPER TOWELSSmall spills should be cleaned using a paper towel or soft cloth. For sticky liquids, use a water-dampened cloth followed by a dry one
9.  USE HAND CLEANERS ON TOUGH SPOTS: You can use a small amount of hand cleaner to treat the tough and sturdy spots
10.  CALL KENT HARDWOOD FLOORS INC for any questions or to schedule re-coatings
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