Floor Sanding Guidelines


Important Floor Sanding Guidelines

Check out some guidelines you need to know about floor sanding. Call Kent Hardwood Floors INC for more information about our floor sanding services!

Waste Removal

•  You have to take care of the waste generated on the jobsite
•  Sawdust is a fire hazard and is an insurance liability to transport in our vans; we leave bags outside and away from the house

Moisture Content

•  While we try to provide you with the perfect solution, there are some factors like the moisture content which cannot be controlled
•  It is difficult to control the moisture content of the wood after delivery or under jobsite conditions. You should take responsibility for the same
•  We are not responsible for jobsite conditions that introduce moisture to wood, for example, open or missing windows or doors, leaks, water from tile work and so on

Learn About the Temperature for Proper Drying Time

•  Temperature of 68-70 degrees and 40% to 50% humidity
•  Under good conditions (Temp. = 68-70 degrees) Humidity (40-50%)
•  Wait at least 3 days after the final coat to move the furniture back.
•  Wait 30 days after the final coat to use cleaners on floors or to put carpeting on the new floors (includes area rugs)

Stain and 3 Poly

Tentative schedule:
•  Day 1: Sand and Stain
•  Day 2: Dry Day
•  Day 3: Dry Day
•  Day 4: Dry Day
•  Day 5: 1st Poly Am
•  Day 6: 2nd Poly Pm
•  Day 7: Dry Day
•  Day 8: 3rd and Final Poly Am
•  Day 9: Stay off until next day
•  Day 10: Walk on floors

Duraseal Quick Coat: Recommended by Kent Hardwood Floors INC

•  Day 1: Sand and Stain
•  Day 2: 1st Poly Am
•  Day 3: Dry Day
•  Day 4: 2nd Poly Pm
•  Day 5: Dry Day
•  Day 6: 3rd and Final Poly Am
•  Day 7: Stay off until next day
•  Day 8: Walk on
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